MSc Mechanical Engineer

Gabriel Beltrán Lostal .

Position: Part-time PhD Student in computational mechanics

Mechanical engineer specialized in advanced materials modeling and mechanical simulations by means of Finite Elements Method (FEM). The main material models developed are focused on hyperlastic models which reproduce the mechanical response of rat lung tissue observed experimentally, both micro and macro scale. In addition, experience in 3D models development for reproducing the lung samples geometry, especially models which reproduce the particular structure presented by the lung which is based on hollow alveoli.


Jorba I, Beltrán G, Falcones B, Suki B, Farré R, García-Aznar JM, Navajas D

Acta Biomater92:265-276.


Professional activities and achievements.

R&D Technician in numerical modeling of materials and components at ITAINNOVA (Zaragoza). Main activities: Programming, calibration and application of elastomeric material models for use in simulations of mechanical components, mainly by the finite element method (FEM). Participation in the proposal, definition and execution of R&D projects.