Elena García Gareta .

Position: Senior Scientist – Ramón y Cajal Fellow

(+34) 876 55 53 90





Principal Investigator – Ramon & Cajal Fellowship

Elena obtained her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from University College London (UCL, London, UK) in 2012. She carried out her post-doctoral research in the UK (The RAFT Institute, UCL, and The Griffin Institute) and Australia (Queensland University of Technology), and since 2015 she has led research into application-specific tissue engineering and biomaterials. Part of her work has resulted in two spin-out companies. Elena joined the M2BE group in October 2021 with prestigious awards, like the Maria Zambrano Fellowship and currently the Ramon & Cajal Fellowship. Within M2BE, Elena is leading research into novel hydrogels for advanced cancer-on-a-chip models and also working on tissue engineering of bone and skin using bioprinting and biomaterial-led approaches. Elena is also an Honorary Associate Professor at UCL since 2019.
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