Bachelor of Science, PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Nieves Movilla Meno.

Position: Research technician and PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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Research technician and PhD candidate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


  • Cell migration
  • Microfluidics
  • Cancer research

The use of mixed collagen-Matrigel matrices of increasing complexity recapitulates the biphasic role of cell adhesion in cancer cell migration: ECM sensing, remodeling and tractions at the leading edge of cancer invasion.

María Anguiano, Xabier Morales, Carlos Castilla, Alejandro Rodríguez Pena, Cristina Ederra, Martín Martínez, Mikel Ariz, Hippolyte Amaveda, Mario Mora, Nieves Movilla, José Manuel García Aznar, Iván Cortés Domínguez, Carlos Ortiz-de-Solorzano.

Plos One, January 16, 2020.


Matrix degradation regulates osteoblast protrusion dynamics and individual migration.

Nieves Movilla, Clara Valero, Carlos Borau, JM. García-Aznar

Integrative Biology, 2020, 00(00), 1-10.


Degradation of extracelular matrix regulates osteoblast migration: a microfluidic-based study.

N. Movilla, C. Borau, C. Valero and J.M. García-Aznar.

Bone, 107: 10-17.


A workbench for Biomedical Applications Based on Image Analysis.

Carlos Borau, Cristina del Amo, Jesús Asín, Nieves Movilla, Mar Condor, and José Manuel García-Aznar.

Lecture Notes in Computational Vision and Biomechanics book series (LNCVB, volume 27)


Quantifying 3D chemotaxis in microfluidic-based chips with step gradients of collagen hydrogel concentrations.

C. Del Amo, C. Borau, N. Movilla, Jesús Asín and J.M García-Aznar.

Integrative Biology, Apr 18; 9 (4):339-349.


Fibroblast Migration in 3D is controlled by haptotaxis in a Non-muscle myosin II dependent manner.

O. Moreno-Arotzena, C. Borau, N. Movilla, M. Vicente-Manzanares and J.M. García-Aznar.

Annals of Biomedical Engineering, Dec: 43(12):3025-39


Five entry points of the mitochondrially encodes subunits in mammalian complex I assembly.

Ester Perales-Clemente, Erika Fernández-Vizarra, Rebeca Acín-Pérez, Nieves Movilla, María Pilar Bayona-Bafaluy, Raquel Moreno-Loshuertos, Acisclo Pérez- Martos, Patricio Fernández-Silva and José Antonio Enríquez

Mol.Cell. Biol.30(12):3038-3047.


Cyclosporine A-Induced Nitration of Tyrosine 34 MnSOD in Endothelial Cells: Role of Mitochondrial Superoxide.

Redondo-Horcajo M, Romero N, Martínez-Acedo P, Martínez-Ruiz A, Quijano C, Lourenco CF, Movilla N, Enríquez JA, Rodríguez-Pascual F, Rial E, Radi R, Vázquez J, Lamas S.

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Functional genetic analysis of the mammalian mitochondrial DNA encoded peptides: a mutagenesis approach.

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Reactive oxygen species and the segregation of mtDNA sequence variants.

Moreno-Loshuertos R, Acín-Pérez R, Fernández-Silva1 P, Movilla N, Pérez Martos A, Rodriguez de Cordoba S, Gallardo ME and Enríquez JA

Nature Genetics 39:571-572.


Differences in ROS production provide a molecular explanation for the phenotypes associated to common mouse mitochondrial DNA variants. Reactive oxygen species and the segregation of mtDNA sequence variants.

Moreno-Loshuertos R, Acín-Pérez R, Fernández-Silva1 P, Movilla N, Pérez Martos A, Rodriguez de Cordoba S, Gallardo ME and Enríquez JA

Nature Genetics 39:571-572.


The phosphotyrosine phosphatase SHP2 is a critical mediator of transformation induced by the oncogenic fibroblast growth factor receptor 3.

Agazie, Y.N., Movilla, N., Ischenko, I. and Hayman, M.J.

Oncogene 22: 6909-6918.


Structural determinants for the biological activity of Vav proteins.

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How Vav proteins discriminate the GTPases Rac1 and RhoA from Cdc42.

Movilla, N., Dosil, M. Zheng, Y., and Bustelo, X.R.

Oncogene 20, 8057-8065.


Tyrosine phosphorylation mediates both activation and down modulation of the biological activity of Vav.

Lopez-Lago, M., Lee, H., Cruz, C., Movilla, N., and Bustelo, X.R.

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Phosphorylation-dependent and constitutive activation of Rho proteins by wild-type and oncogenic Vav-2.

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Biological and regulatory properties of Vav-3, a new member of the Vav family of oncoproteins.

Movilla, N. and Bustelo, X.R.

Mol. Cell. Biol.19, 7870-7885.


Signal transduction elements of TC21, an oncogenic member of the R-RAS subfamily of GTP- binding proteins.

Movilla, N.,Crespo,  P. and Bustelo,  X.R.

Oncogene 18, 5860-5869.