M2BE group
We are a multidisciplinary group including engineers, mathematicians, biologists and doctors. We work together in the biomechanical field, developing computational and experimental models aiming to mimic physiological conditions. Know more about us…
José Manuel García-Aznar

Professor of structural mechanics

Currently working on cell and bone mechanics.

María José Gómez Benito

Associate Professor of Structural Mechanics

Currently working on wound healing computational models.

Mariángeles Pérez

Associate Professor of Structural Mechanics

Currently working on computational mechanics, biomechanics and mechanobiology of bone tissue

Belén Seral

Senior Registrar at the Orthopaedic service at the Hospital Lozano Blesa.

Currently working on the hip and knee revision systems and long bone fractures treatments.

Mónica Remacha

Assistant Professor of Structural mechanics

Currently working on the development of parametric FE models of the proximal femur.

Carlos Borau

Post Doc

Currently working on cell migration tracking and traction force microscopy.

Clara Valero

Post Doc

Currently working on continuum models of wound healing and computational characterization of biological materials

Nieves Movilla

Lab Technician

Currently working on microfluidics in tissue engineering and the development of in vitro biomimetic models for wound healing.

Jorge Escribano

PhD student

Currently developing computational models to simulate cell-matrix interactions, known as focal contacts or focal adhesions.

Cristina del Amo

PhD Student

Currently working on microfluidic platforms to reproduce the in vivo microenvironment of migrating cells.

Ismael González

PhD student

Currently working on multiscale models of angiogenesis process and simulation of in vitro cultures in microfluidic devices.

Mar Cóndor

PhD student

Currently working on continuum models of cell migration and computational characterization of microfluidic platforms.

Esther Tomás


Working on software development of cell migration and traction force microscopy

Francisco Merino

Phd student

Currently working on stochastic models of 3D cell migration: biochemical reaction kinetics, cell-ECM interactions & cell mechanics.

Gabrielle Nasello

Phd student

Development of a new generation of patient-specific implants, in vitro bone regeneration and numerical prediction.

Sandra Pérez

Phd student

Studying mechanical forces involved in bacterial infections.

Simone Russo

Phd student

Mainly working on tissue engineering and biomechanics of bone (CuraBone Project): characterization of scaffolds, cell culture, computational modelling

Tirso Ventura

Project manager

Management and administrative issues for european projects and research activities of the M2BE group

Vanesa Olivares


Working on 3D reconstruction and characterization of collagen matrix.

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